Cherry Tree Varieties

Archduke (x1)
A black dessert variety. A very,very old variety which may be the ‘Lusitanian’ mentioned in Pliny (Natural History AD77).
It has been grown in England since the 17th century.

Burlat  (x1)
Produces a large, heart-shaped, moderately firm, juicy, sweet fruit, bright red in colour and with a semi-free stone.  It is good for eating fresh and ripens very late season.

Frogmore Early (x1)
Delicious flavour, small stone. Crops June/July, yellow with a red flush and faint stripes. Raised by Thos.Ingram of Frogmore
Gardens c.1864.

Géant d’Hedelfingen  (x1)
The giant of Hedelfingen, although originating in London, has been cultivated in Germany whence it takes its name.  Its medium-sized fruit is of good quality, roundish oval and with a large, clinging, oval stone.  The fruit colour is mahogany and the flesh is dark red, firm, very juicy and with a slight almond flavour.  It is good for eating fresh and ripens very late season.

Reverchon  (x1) 
This is a ‘bigarreau’, one of the sweet varieties, originating in the United States and is named after Julien Reverchon, a French botanist.  Its large, heart-shaped fruit is very firm, juicy and of good quality. The fruit colour is purple and the flesh is light red.  It is good for eating fresh, ripens early-mid season and is grown commercially.

Ronald’s Heart (x1)
A variety local to Bucks. and Herts. which fruits mid-season or later. Large or very large fruit, which is heart-shaped.
It is nearly black, but with paler stripes, and very shiny skin. The flesh is dark red, soft, juicy and of good quality.

Strawberry Heart (x1)
A red dessert cherry with juicy fruit. A tree often grown around Kings Langley in the last century.